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Orthopedics/Sports Medicine​

Fremont Surgery Center draws elite athletes in all sports from around the world as well as individuals with routine sports related injuries. By combining the best technology and expertise available, the center enables athletes to return to their sports as quickly and safely as possible.

Team doctors for the Oakland Raiders and San Jose Sharks direct the sports medicine program at Fremont Surgery Center. In addition to treating patients from these teams, sports medicine specialists at Fremont Surgery Center use the most advanced techniques to treat NFL players from outside the area and other Bay Area professional athletes.

Some of the top sports medicine orthopedists in the country prefer Fremont Surgery Center, which is one of the best-equipped regulatory surgery facilities in the nation. Skilled support staff, and state-of-the-art arthroscopic equipment allow sports medicine surgeons to perform highly complex cases such as mid-distal ligament and cartilage transplantation procedures.

Our outcomes record is excellent because surgeons have performed the same types of cases many times at our center, which builds a high success rate. Orthopedic surgeons choose Fremont Surgery Center because it has the latest procedure-specific arthroscopic instrumentation, including scopes, shavers, implants, anchors and arthroscopic devices that are patient and procedure specific.

Fremont Surgery Center has worked hard over many years to recruit a dedicated group of nursing and personal care staff that is used to working with high-profile athletes and other patients who want to return to a normal, active lifestyle as quickly and safely as possible. Most of the staff have between 5 and 16 years of experience working with the orthopedic surgeons at our center.

Routine Sports Related Injuries

For the treatment of more routine injuries, Fremont Surgery Center is one of the finest facilities in Northern California. While most patients at Fremont Surgery Center are not celebrities, they still receive the same expert attention to their problems as professional athletes.

Some common procedures include:

- Arthroscopy of knee, shoulder, hip, wrist, ankle

- Anterior Cruciate ligament reconstruction with allograft or autograft

- Fracture repair (ORIF, closed manipulation, pinning, application of external fixator)

- Meniscal repair

- Meniscal transplant

- Ganglion cyst excision

- Carpal tunnel release (open or endoscopic)

- Hamstring repair

- Achilles tendon repair

- Plasma Rich Protein (PRP) injection

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