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Joint Replacement

Fremont Surgery Center has performed joint replacements with excellent outcomes for many years. 


In 2017, we purchased our own MAKO robotic system for partial and total knee replacements.  You can learn more about the MAKO robotic system by clicking here:  We also perform knee replacements using many other systems the surgeons may prefer.


Total anterior hip replacements, using a specialized fracture table, the HANA table, are also routinely performed at Fremont Surgery Center.  Posterior hip replacements and shoulder replacements are also safely performed at our facility.


For lower extremity joint replacement patients, Fremont Surgery Center provides an on-site physical therapy session to assist with your first steps after surgery.  We also offer overnight stays in one of our private rooms if requested by your surgeon.

Some common procedures include:


- Partial Knee Replacement

- Total Knee Replacement

- Total Hip Replacement

- Total Shoulder Replacement

- Total Ankle Replacement


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